About Us

Manufacturing of Adult Toys is a complicated process.
Curve Toys goes to great lenght to ensure your toy is built to the highest standards.

We Listen

We highly value our customer's insights and suggestions

We Question

Once an idea is proposed, Curve will create a prototype and will do in-depth screening and analyses of the product’s safety and quality.


After the screenings and analysis stage, our professional designers will take on the challenge to bring your new project to production ready quality.

Testing and Quality Control

More testing for product safety and quality is done to insure the product meets Curve Toys’ strict standards and guidelines.


At this stage Curve Toys will contact our raw materials suppliers to let them know of the new formula, quality of the ingredients and what is expected of them.


Curve Toys' production team will go through extensive training to learn to identify the product, how to use the new formula and how to conduct testing and quality control.